Main components for water and air treatment in various materials are produced in our own manufacturing plants.

Mechanical, physical treatment of water & sludge
  • Lamella sedimentation units MACRO®LS        
  • Pressure sand filter MACRO®P-SF   
  • Pressure carbon filter MACRO®P-CF   
  • Cartridge/Bag filters    
  • Paper band filters 
  • Shaftless conveyors MACRO®Conveyor
  • Shaftless spirals
  • Mixers & agitators MACRO®Mix   
  • Grease catchers
  • Storage tanks for chemicals & water (thermoplastic)  
  • Containerized systems for drinking water, storm water and pre-treatment plants


Chemical treatment, biological treatment
  • Flocculation, single & chamber reactors
  • Pipe flocculation systems
  • Dosing systems for liquid chemicals
  • Water softening units
  • Modular biological WWTP with MBR
  • Compact small biological WWTP for hotels and households
  • Vacuum evaporators
  • Thermoplastic rectangular & cylindrical tanks, pipes, accessories   


Air treatment & ventilation systems
  • Scrubbers (horizontal & vertical)   
  • Fans in thermoplastic for industrial ventilation systems   
  • Active carbon filters
  • Droplet separators
  • Suction ramps, flap valves & pipe systems


Galvanic & chemical surface treatment
  • Systems & components
  • Process tanks
  • Accessories: adjustable feet, mechanical agitators, supports in PE, anodes and others on request
  • Service & maintenance platforms
  • Thermoplastic rectangular & cylindrical tanks, pipes, accessories.

Other various customized products (see examples )pdf1 

PE thermoplastic tanks for chemicals, water-Sweden galvanizing line-Slovakia PP thermoplastic rectangular tanks for galvanizing industries Thermoplastic storage tanks Thermoplastic storage tanks - Sweden Process and storage tanks in PE


lamella separator with chamber reactor-Sweden


bag process filter - Slovakia

cleaning in place CIP unit-Slovakia

 lamella separator with chamber reactor-Russia

horizontal scrubber, air treatment-Sweden

ventilation system from surface treatment line-Sweden