Welcome to WTC-MACRO

WTC-MACRO is an engineering company providing european innovative technologies to generating cost-effective and environment-friendly solutions to various types of problems within water, wastewater, air and gas treatment.

WTC-MACRO has since 1986 supplied components and plants for different branches, small and large customers in various countries.


  • We design, produce and supply components, systems and plants for water, wastewater, air and gas treatment for industries and municipalities.
  • Through a specialized division we also construct and supply components and systems for surface treatment plants and recycling systems including total environmental responsibility for galvanic and chemical surface treatment lines.
  • We offer standard as well as advanced customized solutions, often in form of turn-key plants.

With assurance of one of the world-leading company in testing, inspection and certification, we create a trust in our products, services, processes for our customers.

Our plants are CE marked and the products are certified according to local and European certification. 

Our know-how unifies the experience with our internally developed and licensed technologies for innovative solutions that delivers efficient and more economical operation.

Our divisions are professional providers of environment-friendly, cost effective and safe systems.

Our staff has decades of experience in projecting, manufacturing and supplies of components and systems.

We are consistently driven by our upward vision, keen to achieve the highest possible performances and always committed to maintain our clients full satisfaction by meeting their requirements and safeguarding them to comply with the legally imposed compliance regulations.