Following are the main processes we use for effective technical solutions.
Both own developed and licensed processes and technologies are implemented in our plants.

Water treatment

  • Lamella sedimentation systems (standard and customized systems)
  • Sand & active carbon filtration
  • Particle separation, mechanical treatment of water & sludge
  • Chemical precipitation and physical treatment
  • Recovery systems for water, metals and chemicals
  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Treatment of aggressive liquids
  • Galvanic & chemical surface treatment (surface treatment technologies)

Air & gas cleaning

  • Air & gas treatment
  • Odour control
  • Ventilation systems

Treatment of biological waste and production of biogas

  • Production of biogas from organic wastes
  • Upgrading of biogas


lamella separation with flocculation
reverse osmosis
odour treatment, odstranenie zapachu
technológie na úpravu vody, biologická úprava, čistenie