Main components for water and air treatment in various materials, as well as equipment for galvanizing and surface treatment lines are produced in our own manufacturing plant.

Mechanical, physical treatment of water & sludge

  • Lamella sedimentation units MACRO®LS
  • Storage tanks for chemicals & water (thermoplastic)
  • Pressure sand filter MACRO®P-SF
  • Pressure carbon filter MACRO®P-CF
  • Paper band filters

Chemical treatment, biological treatment

  • Flocculation, single & chamber reaction tanks
  • Pipe flocculation systems
  • Dosing systems for liquid chemicals
  • Thermoplastic rectangular & cylindrical tanks, pipes, accessories

Air treatment & ventilation systems

  • Ventilation pipe systems
  • Scrubbers (horizontal & vertical)
  • Fans in thermoplastic for industrial ventilation systems
  • Droplet separators
  • Suction ramps, flap valves 

Galvanic & chemical surface treatment

  • Systems & components
  • Process tanks
  • Service & maintenance platforms
  • Thermoplastic rectangular & cylindrical tanks, pipes, accessories.

Other various customized products and equipment according to customer request.